Sintercom India Ltd. manufactures a broad range of components for transmissions for both 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler automobile platforms. Our product portfolio includes synchroniser hubs, dog rings and drive-train gears.

Through the technology and engineering prowess, the company is able to produce high precision sintered components for transmissions to replace high strength forged components. These components provide superior value for leading automotive customers through better performance and reduction in weight of drivetrain.



The purpose of the synchronizer ring is to produce friction torque in order to decelerate/accelerate the shaft during a gear shift. The synchronizer ring, together with the friction cone on the gear wheel, form a “conical clutch”  which can be engaged and disengaged through sliding

APPLICATIONS: CV and Off road Vehicles


  • Outstanding performance through high precision. 
  • Highly complex geometry.
  • Suitable for high torque and high speed applications.
  • Cost efficient due to minimized machining.

Interlock Finger works in alignment with Shift finger & Block Shift actuator in the gear shifting mechanism.

APPLICATIONS - Gear shifting Mechanism


  • Net shape manufacturing of complex shape.
  • High strength.
  • Cost efficient by integrated features.
  • High density.

Component is used for pre-synchronization, i.e., it generates the load on the synchro ring to perform the synchronization process. The synchronizer hub is rigidly connected by a spline to the rotating shaft (input or output shaft).

APPLICATIONS -  6th Speed Transmission


  • Weight reduction holes introduced to reduce the weight of the component, provides raw material saving also act as lubrication Galleries with the improved oil flow through the Synchro pack for better lubrication as well as heat dissipation.
  • Innovative materials and process for high strength applications.
  • Minimal machining by manufacturing near to net shape  part.
  • Design flexibility for complex shape.
  • Optimized design with integrated features.
  • High density.